Yoga is everywhere! It has become a mainstream way to exercise, live, and even dress. Yay for yoga pants! You can find an abundance of resources, classes, websites, photos, and inspiration pretty much everywhere you look. 

But what is yoga? You might attend classes or do the videos, but do you really *practice* the YOGA part? 

Through my journey with yoga I have realized how totally practical and HELPFUL practicing yoga is for living wholly. Yoga offers us the tools needed to find a sense of peace and balance in a crazy, busy world. And guess what? It's for EVERY ONE! No matter what your religious or political beliefs, no matter your age, size, health, gender, or abilities to stand on your head, you can live a yoga life: you can breathe, pause, reflect; you can bend, stretch, move your body efficiently and safely for LIFE; and you can BE, gratefully, beautifully YOU!

A yoga life is a life that uses the principals and philosophies of yoga to make every-day struggles a bit easier. It is a life that offers insight, compassion, generosity, deliberation, and right action. It's a life that relies on community, a life that has no set standards for behavior or roles or performance; rather, it's a life that takes each day as it comes and accepts experiences, emotions, and fellow people as its' teachers. 

I'll translate this for the non-yogis (those of you I haven't converted): a yoga life is the life we CHOOSE for ourselves. Gone is the role of victim, a yoga life empowers you to manifest the opportunities for change and abundance you long for, leaving behind all the thoughts, patterns, and choices that no longer serve you. 

I offer you this gift: the tools to learn how to breathe, how to bend, and how to BE fully in your life! 

Go beyond the movements on the mat: take your practice into each and every moment of your life! Breathe. Bend. BE. 





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