Who am I? That is a philosophical question that becomes bigger and more incomprehensible the longer I study yoga. Who am I is the journey. Who am I is the moment-to-moment choice to stand in my truth. Who am I is a pulsing relationship with the Divine (Everything) and it is connected to each and every one of you. Who I BE can help facilitate the awakening of who YOU BE. On the basic level, I am an experienced yoga teacher and mom who lives in Indiana. 

I have been teaching and loving yoga for over a decade. I have always been interested in health and wellness, but until my mid-twenties, my idea of meditation was a long run on a country road. I ran many races (and even completed a triathalon), loving the accomplishment but forever sore and often annoyed with my inability to improve. I always felt like I was fighting with my body. About 15 years ago, working as a freelance copy-editor, my interests in yoga were piqued after editing a book on the subject. After that initial introduction, I got my hands on a copy of "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. From that point on, I was hooked--using every video and book I could find as my guide. Soon I began attending regular classes and in 2005 I took my first yoga teacher training and became certified to teach yoga. Yoga was the perfect fit for me--it became the arrow to which everything else in my life has now aligned. For years my journey as a teacher and student continued, and I studied with a variety of teachers and styles. In 2009 I completed the 200 hour training through Prairie Yoga in Lisle, IL; then the intermediate 500 in 2011. In 2016 I completed their advanced 500 hour training and that same year another certification from Inner Power Yoga. I am now a one if the Inner Power Yoga Directors and am thrilled to join R.R. Shakti in teaching this comprehensive and beautiful curriculum to new yoga teachers! 

I like to bring a working challenge to class, while at the same time making new and experienced students work to find the Yoga in their yoga practice. I am consistently inspired, always seeking current knowledge about anatomy, energetics, philosophy, and wellness. In addition to my certifications with Prairie Yoga and Inner Power Yoga Seva School, I've sought other sources to round out my training: including certifications in yoga for heart health, yoga for breast cancer recovery, pre-natal and children's yoga, as well as Core Strength Vinyasa Flow. But it's not about the numbers or the certifications--its about how I translate that information to you! It is my intention that students access their true center through that vital connection to the body. 

I truly believe in a life geared toward balance and peace. I say this knowing it's no easy feat. As a working mother of four young children (Louie, age 14, Polly, age 11, and Greg, age 10, and Bear, 2), I have many days when I forget to breathe and be mindful! I know, though, that the transformation is in the journey and I hope that my very obvious "human-ness" will relate to you and inspire you. I appreciate your support!

I welcome your questions, stories, and feedback: please feel free to find me and send me a message!

the whole gang...

the whole gang...