collaboration is the name of the game. i wouldn't be who i am without the support of the people listed below, so here's my shout out! (go take a peek)



"My yoga includes both butterflies and shadows. It's about tea, sex, and snowflakes...ultimately being awake to life."
~R.R. Shakti

Gorgeous goddess of yoga philosophy, myth, and tantra--she has a way of flipping everything you think you know about yourself and yoga on its a delicious, fun, and playful way! She created Inner Power Yoga Seva School to support her vision for bringing Yoga World Reach into communities in need. You definitely should check out her site, read her articles, go to her workshops and classes and trainings, follow her on Facebook and IG--because she is AMAZING!!!



Lole stands for LIVE OUT LOUD EVERYDAY--and I am proud to be an Ambassador for this amazing woman-run business! They encourage women to stand strong and gather together in community through meet-up and Lole White Tour events. Their website has blogs, yoga videos, travel articles and more while the clothing goes "from studio to street" and is comfortable, durable, with a very classic (yet on-trend) fashion sense. Who doesn't need more yoga pants? 


prairie yoga

I love this school. They care about making yoga accessible and adaptable. They train their teachers to make yoga safe, to use props, to understand different populations and bodies. They bring in the most renowned teachers for anatomy and specialty workshops! Check them out!

"Prairie Yoga is the Midwest's premier yoga institute for yoga teacher training certificationcontinuing education workshops and studio classes. We have been called the “Yale of Yoga,” and “The Harvard of Yoga Teacher Training”— the destination for serious students of yoga. Our students come from as near as Naperville and other Chicago suburbs* and as far as Central Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan."


fort wayne outfitters and bike depot

fort wayne, in

They do way more than rent kayaks, canoes, and bikes--they have a vision for what "outdoors" means in our community. 

"Our mission is to help in keeping Fort Wayne unique by supporting active lifestyles, encouraging riverfront activities, and engaging in environmentally conscious business practices. Maintaining a constant focus on quality products, genuine service, and a distinctly specialized experience."

*They also sell super amazing brands like lole, patagonia, prana, sorel, kavu! 


londo mondo

My best friend Carrie and her husband Kenny own this Chicago boutique with two locations, I have to admit it. But I still would only tell you to go here if I really thought you SHOULD!! They have adorable swim suits, yoga apparel, street wear, and jewelry. Even their website is badass. If you are downtown Chicago or in Winnetka, stop in and peruse all the good stuff with a glass of "champs."



Emma Meyer

Friend. Model. Photographer. In fact, pretty much every photo on this website is her genius. (Thank you Emma!!) She is nice to look at, but also hilarious, talented, smart and politically savvy. Follow her on Facebook, twitter, IG, or look at her website. Because, well I love her and she rocks. 


jala clothing

Jala, a SoCal, yoga-inspired apparel brand, was established in 2008 by Kelly Kolterman an artist, yoga studio owner, and yoga teacher. Kelly was single-handedly responsible for bringing yoga to Fort Wayne and encouraged me to start my journey as a teacher. The yoga community here is forever changed because of her--and now she owns an awesome yoga clothing line! 

"Jala is committed to following ethical and responsible business practices and manufacturing. We seek out suppliers that conserve resources, manufacture locally and ethically, and are California family-owned."