Monday, August 22, 2011 at 10:00AM

this morning, 7:30am, we made the treck in the mini-van to the bus stop and I thought to myself--fighting for my place in long line of construction traffic--it begins again.

the hustle. the meetings. the lunches. the chase. the laundry. the homework. early bedtimes. sports practice. backpacks on the floor, calendars, spelling tests, braiding hair, dark mornings. driving. driving. driving.

but there is that unmatched excitement in the new school-year, isn't there? i can see the promise and anticipation that all the perfect pencils, unscuffed shoes, and fresh classrooms bring to my children and can't help but feel a little excitement too. it's a fresh opportunity to do better--by myself and my family. To not over-schedule, to be more patient, more understanding.

like in the beginning of every yoga practice, this fall i start with an intention: to take the mellow pace of summer and let it carry us through september...maybe longer! I will continue to prioritize family time over socializing or needless errands. i intend to grade myself as I do my kids and loved ones--by my true effort and spirit rather than by the end result. as my windows for work and personal time expand in the mornings, i intend to use them wisely. i will edit my commitments so that i can do what makes me happy as often as possible. this year, i intend to play a more active roll at my children's school (this is a big one, I've avoided it as long as possible). this year, i intend to face it all.

the fruchey summer has been oddly still. with little going on, i've had to listen. often unwillingly, i've had to rest in honesty and as a result had to come to terms with some heavy things. guess what? I'm fine. actually, while I can't say i'm okay with everything, i can say i feel more real and present than ever before in my life. a little raw. grateful.

this fall i'm reminded that in my path toward ecstasy i need to be present. present of what distracts me. present of what fulfills. i intend to use that inevitble time driving. driving. driving. to breathe. to reboot. to consider, smile, sing, release. i intend to love as selflessly as our beloved dog cooper did in his 14 years as the best dog ever. i will try something new this year, maybe tennis. as bravely as my 6 year-old polly boarded the bus for her first day of first grade, i intend to live.

what are your intentions this fall?