Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 10:49AM

The thing I keep coming back to lately is this...crazy people are getting crazier! And crazy people are running the world...crazy people are telling us "Hey! This is good for you! If you do this, I promise you will be THIS OR THAT." And guess what? It's making YOU crazy. There needs to be a voice of reason out there peeps, so I'm owning the role. Because you don't need to speed through 25 sun salutations or hold a bound triangle (basically, EVER) to be a yogi (in fact, most of you need to do the opposite. Like just fold--yoga isn't about burning calories!), you don't need to forego your favorite foods and indulgences (in fact, you learn to love what you love and delight in it!), you certainly don't need to dress a certain way or weigh a certain amount or be a certain age or take a specific supplement!! Yoga truly is for EVERY BODY, it is a lovely and practical way to handle our time on earth: but it doesn't feel like it sometimes. Even to me. I look around and wonder if I'm missing something? Why all the rushing? All the pushing? All the promoting and competing? 

It's the crazy people! It's all the awesome ideas on pinterest! It's one-upping each other publicly online!

It doesn't matter the source...there will always be crazy people. And the huge emergence of mainstream yoga isn't necessarily helping to sane the masses. So you have to learn the difference between yoga that makes you crazy and yoga that facilitates a calmer, more peaceful mind and existence. The recipe for wellness is much more simple. (that doesn't mean it won't take work and thought!) You just need to take in some air and get in the habit of pausing: BREATHE. You need to begin trusting your body and believing the signals it sends for movement, food, sleep, etc. You need to practice loving kindness to yourself and your body and become flexible to life's ebbs and flows: BEND. And the last part happens organically. You find yourself hovering in moments of peace and happiness, free of the worries, guilt, struggles that plagued you: BE. And see, all of that is possible without even a SINGLE sun salutation. 

Breathe. Bend. BE. Those are my three ingredients to Ayogalif. Yes there are layers and layers to each ingredient but that's the good stuff! That is what enriches this practice and gives it legs to hold us as long as we stand. (Even if we can't stand.)

The thing is, I don't feel crazy. I know it is because of the gifts I have found living Ayogalif. I love sharing this information with you and am grateful that you trust me and support me. 

In addition to yoga private sessions, group classes, and workshops, I am now offering a whole-living consultation on my menu. If you already practice yoga but need more specific guidance for energy, injury, emotional matters, meditation, etc.--this is the perfect way to get the detailed methods to handle your issue. If you don't practice asana but need a place to get started--this is it! I can include nourishment counciling for specific situations, asana guidance, home practice asignments, tutorials on any specific yoga topic, or just general advice on how to get your seemingly chaotic out-of-control-life back on track. 

I am here for you my amazing peeps. Remember: breathe. bend. BE. Let's start there.